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Serva4ok (Сервачок, "Servachok") is the largest Russian hosting service in rent game servers. Serva4ok's main goal is to provide quality services for everyone regardless of their prior knowledge about server hosting.

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CC IP address Server name Players Game TypeGame Version
Russian Federation83.222.115.149:27016•ZP 4.3 •Выживи или Сдохни•1 / 10•CSFIRE.RU•
Russian Federation83.222.115.149:27163Плохие Парни © [JB] # BadCS.ru0 / 16© FREE VIP1.1.2.7/Stdio
Russian Federation83.222.115.149:27197Плохие Парни © [PB] # BadCS.ru2 / 20© FREE VIP1.1.2.7/Stdio