Left 4 Dead Server List

Here are servers for the specific game type. The servers are grouped by country. You can look for servers in your own country or neighbouring countries to find the best ping servers.

Setti masterserver.

Setti masterserver is recommended way to user the server list. You can install Setti masterserver by following instructions at Setti masterserver installation instructions page.

The servers can be also searched by the form below. You can write the name or the IP address of the server to search for it. The results show the servers that matched the search query.

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CC IP address Server name Players Game Version
China106.15.183.127:27068熊熊联盟娱乐服9 /
China106.15.183.127:27069熊熊联盟娱乐二服0 /
China106.15.197.165:27071泡沫天堂8 /
China115.159.195.94:27080神坑娱乐服0 /
China116.62.170.120:27017琥珀の纯净1021服务器2 /
China116.62.170.120:27018琥珀の纯净生还者模式0 /
China118.89.52.105:28001 Just 4 Fun #10 /
China118.89.52.105:28003 Just 4 Fun #37 /
China119.23.203.119:27068FBI 乌鸦 技术服0 /
China119.29.156.110:27023幽冥娱乐二服0 /
China119.29.156.110:29006 Just 4 Fun #60 /
China119.29.197.139:28015九五修仙吃鸡夜嗨服4 /
China120.26.129.149:27090神坑新手服1 /
China182.254.134.101:27070幽冥娱乐新手服(超级坦克中!!)7 /
China58.221.60.221:270211#传奇人物|橙子多人战役0 /
China58.221.60.221:270222#传奇人物|橙子多人战役0 /
China58.221.60.221:270233#传奇人物|橙子多人战役0 /
China58.221.60.221:27025牛逼闪闪大逃杀服0 /
China58.221.60.221:27032[无邪]暴力归来技术服#30 /
China58.221.60.221:27033心跳懒哥飞龙技术合作服0 /
China58.221.60.221:27035[无邪]冷心龙神超级技术服#40 /
China58.221.60.221:27036牛逼闪闪RPG全娱乐战役服1 /